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TAE23 - The Story Continues..."

There isn't much time left for our TAE23 artists to get their cards to us in time to be guaranteed a spot in this year's catalog. Yes, March 25th (update now April 8th) is our printed materials deadline, however, we realize the recent postal fiasco in the UK has caused some delays, so we will confirm our deadline based on how many UK cards are still stuck in transit at that time.

It will be a beautiful catalog this year; this is easy to see based on all the amazing cards we've received thus far.

Don't forget to head to our shop page to place your pre-order and tell all your friends.

(Shown) Artwork by TAE23 artist,  Bolinas Frank
(Shown) Artwork by TAE23 artists, Bolinas Frank


The TAE23 team is pleased to present you with our artist registration guide.

The following guide is a collection of frequently asked questions and who to contact if you need help registering.

If you haven't registered or sent your card to us yet, and you need to familiarize yourself with our registration system, please watch this 3-minute video tutorial below.



Why do I need to log in and register in order to participate?

Our Artist Registration system is designed to ensure maximum care, quality measures, and attention are given to each art card. TAE value our artists and their excellent artwork, so we take steps to safeguard each piece. When an artist creates a member account to register, it helps the TAE team, saving valuable time by allowing us to monitor targets and carry out many required activities beforehand, like ordering protective sleeves, photographing the works, creating the posters, the catalog, the online shop, and planning our social media posts to promote each artist and the event.

How to log in to Twitter Art Exhibit


Twitter Art Exhibit's Ticket system

What is the ticket number for?

The ticketing system provides an automated and unique identifier for each piece of art which helps us to process efficiently and with great care.

After we receive your registration, you're name and ticket number are automatically added to a set of spreadsheets that are continually updated and shared with our team to keep track of your work upon arrival. We will always know where your work is located in the queue once it's checked in.

We will also be able to quickly access who we may need to give gentle reminders or updates to if we notice several registrations without card entries when we are nearing important deadlines.

Artists checked in
Above shows an example. As of today, 200 out of 735 registered (27%), of our artists are currently checked in.

Why do I have to know my registration number if you already have it in your system?

You don't have to know or save it; however, it helps us if you do. We've had our ticket system in place for several years now. This year, we're utilizing our system more effectively, thereby creating less work for ourselves. Your unique number on your card will help us keep track of it as it moves through the system from the curator's hands to the volunteers, to the exhibition wall, the patron, or the online shop.

What's different this year? We ask our artists to enter their ticket numbers on their card back labels. Doing so helps alleviate time for our volunteers to look up each artist's number and add it to the artwork ourselves. If we have 1,000 entries, that's 3 minutes per artist that a volunteer puts in extra. 50 hours that could be spent on promoting our artists instead.

Our artists are helping to make our jobs easier. We've been so pleased so far that very few cards have arrived with missing information on the card labels. We thank you!

Because you've been so good to us, we are trying to do our best for YOU. This year and in years following, it's our goal to best represent our artists by taking our time and stepping up the promotion of the artwork. See below for a sampling of what we have been up to with your cards.

Brandi Williams, Pen & Ink Watercolor - "Lucifer's Tongue", New Westminster, BC, Canada
Brandi Williams, Pen & Ink Watercolor - "Lucifer's Tongue", New Westminster, BC, Canada

We are taking great care handling your works and we wish to showcase them to the best of our ability.

Lesley Linley, Watercolor - "Where Eagles Soar", Derbyshire, UK
Lesley Linley, Watercolor - "Where Eagles Soar", Derbyshire, UK


Are you displaying everyone's cards on social media or just a selection?

Everyone will be promoted, but the sooner the card arrives after each call for artists, the more attention your card will receive. As we move closer to our deadlines, the number of cards we receive each day will double, triple, and may even quadruple. We promise to promote each one, but how we showcase each card will change as we get busier handling larger bundles. To the artists who sent their works early this year, Congratulations! You now have plenty of time to ponder what you'll paint for TAE24!

I can't find where to download the artwork label.

See the graphic below. Log in to your site member pages and select "TAE23 Information" tab. The button to click to download and print the TAE23 artwork label is located under the first info section. We purposely don't advertise this link on our website for the general public.

Reminder - Please don't share the postal address on any social platform.

Twitter Art Exhibit Member account pages

I can't locate my confirmation email, so I don't have my ticket number.

It's easy to retrieve your ticket number from your member pages. See the graphic above. Click the tab that says, "My TAE Events". You will be able to download your confirmation ticket from that page if you have registered for TAE23.

Can I submit more than one card?

We ask that artists only submit one card. If we were to receive a second card, it wouldn't be included in the exhibition, advertising or online shop, but would be donated to the charity.

I received a quote from my postal service that sending my card will cost much more than I want to spend.

Please check with your local postal service online and do your research before packaging your card so that you have an idea ahead of time of what it will cost to send. If your card can be sandwiched between two pieces of lightweight cardboard and enclosed in an envelope to look like a heavy greeting card but well protected, that method will certainly be the least expensive way to send it. However, you can package your work in padded and protected packaging to ensure it arrives safely. We encourage that method as we hope to receive your cards in perfect condition. Remember to send your card as a "gift" at no or little value on customs forms, or if mailing in an envelope with stamps, then please write "gift/card" or "non-dutiable docs" on the outside of your envelope.

We will be happy to assist you if you need help figuring out the best solution for sending your card. For USA residents, Carole, who is California, may be able to give you extra guidance if you need it.

Still Have Questions? No problem; reach out to the team, and we will be happy to help you.

Happy creating!


Kelly and Carole, and the rest of the TAE23 team, we thank you!

For general Questions:

Carole Gray-Weihman, TAE23 Executive Director

or head to our FAQ page.

For Exhibition & On-Site Questions:

Kelly Kitson, TAE23 curator

Head here for other contact info.

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