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Postcard Art Exhibit is looking for talented, dedicated volunteers to assist in our varied initiatives. We'd love to hear from you if you think you have something to offer and if you have the expertise or willingness to get your hands dirty for a good cause. While our primary season for #postcardartexhibit24 will run from March to October 2024, there is always something to be done.

A spirit of social purpose is the lifeline that sustains Postcard Art Exhibit. Doing what's right for the world is our passion and the right thing for our initiative.

Our ambition for Postcard Art Exhibit is to enable inclusivity as a fundraiser and throughout our #PostcardArtFamily. For the people we work with worldwide, that's an equal, more diverse and inclusive society. For us, an inclusive culture where our artists, volunteers, supporters, and benefactors are treated equally.

At this time, everyone within the "P.A.E. network works on a volunteer basis, but on occasion we can pay stipends for contract work. Our payouts are entirely dependent on our annual donations received and fundraising successes.

Curate a Postcard Art Exhibit in 2025 

Are you a curator, or an artist interested in curating and/or supporting artist-led curatorial initiatives where you live? Host an exhibit. To see if we have any openings, please see our Contribute Page for more info.


We are looking for a creative person to team up with to oversee our promotional efforts through marketing campaigns. You will assist in managing the research, planning, strategy, and support us with our execution of our marketing initiatives, which ultimately aim to increase awareness, participation and fundraising.

We rely on the Applications: Google docs and spreadsheets, Canva, Later and Wix to manage our marketing content. Familiarity with these tools is highly beneficial but not necessary.


Work independently, at your own pace from home with a schedule that you arrange.


Are you comfortable using Adobe Photoshop, and navigating around Canva and/or Promo, visual content creation platforms? And do you have some knowledge of the website building platform Wix? Perhaps, you have experience with OBS- Open Source Broadcasting software? If any apply to you, we can create a space for you to come on board and assist during our Spring/Summer rush season.

Work independently, at your own pace from home with a schedule that you arrange.


Do you have exceptional writing and communication skills? How about copywriting skills? We're looking for creative thinking problem solvers that want to break into the field of copywriting or hone their writing skills with us.


If you are a creative individual that's interested in writing compelling content both for our internal and external communications? Your tasks can range from blog content to Postcard Art Exhibit initiatives explainer and many other facets of writing. Familiarity with Wix platform is highly beneficial, but not mandatory.

Work independently, at your own pace from home with a schedule that you arrange.


Other opportunities within our organization can include jobs doing content creation, graphic design, video/photography and live broadcasting during, but not limited to, our fundraising events.


We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in these fields.


Serve a term on our Board of Directors

Are you interested in committing to serve a term on our Board of Directors? If you have board service experience working in the nonprofit industry or working with event planning and management and possess specific skillsets such as nonprofit fundraising, marketing/PR, strategic planning, legal expertise, financial management, or sales and you feel you'd be an asset to the team, please fill out our form below and introduce yourself. To see if we have any openings, please see our Board Member Page.

The full Board generally meets 6 times annually for 60-90 minutes via Zoom.


OUR 2024

Do you have an interest in sponsoring our next beneficiary, MillHouse Foundation, or assisting our on the ground crew in McKinney, TX in 2024?

Robin Pedrero
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We operate out of, but are not limited to, the USA, Canada, Norway, and the UK.


Wherever you live, we want to hear from you!

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