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McKinney, Texas, USA

Years Curated: 2014 & 2024

Robin Maria Pedrero is an award-winning artist, curator, and mentor. Pedrero served on the first Twitter Art Exhibit board and curated TAE14 in Orlando Florida. Her work appears in museum permanent collections in Florida and Greece as well as corporate collections, publications, and film. 


Her first solo museum exhibition took place at the Orlando Museum of Art followed by the Lake County Museum of Art in Florida. She is an elected signature member of the Pastel Society of America, and in 2012, was awarded Best Artist in Florida by Baterbys’ Art Auction Gallery. Pedrero is listed in Florida International Magazine’s Florida Artists Hall of Fame, and she won an international wine label contest with her art featured on a limited-edition Artiste Wine label in California.  


Pedrero’s artwork has been selected by Tamara Day for Bargain Mansions and featured on HGTV and Magnolia Network. Her work has been collected around the world in several countries. 


Currently, Pedrero creates from her studio at Millhouse in the Cotton Mill in McKinney Texas. She is very excited to curate the Postcard Art Exhibit in Texas.


On X: @robinpedrero

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Year Curated: 2023

Kelly Kitson was born in Chester, UK, and grew up in North Wales. Kelly moved to Canada with her husband and three daughters in 2007 and this year became a Canadian Citizen. 

Kelly currently works for Marshall Aerospace Canada as their learning & development lead; she is passionate about her role. As a lifelong learner,  Kelly is currently attending the University of the Fraser Valley, working towards obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Kelly has specialized in Resin and Digital art, but she also explores other mediums. Drawing her inspiration from various sources, including space, the landscape, and especially from moments she shares with others, from everyday interactions to her grief support work. Kelly recognizes the difficult journey involved in healing from trauma and often celebrates the strength of others within her pieces. Kelly is a compassionate, empathetic artist who shares a part of her heart in every piece of art she creates.  
Kelly has taken part in TAE as an artist contributor for a few years and is excited to bring the TAE to Canada for the very first time.


On X: @ArtbyKellyK

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York, UK

Year Curated: 2022

Mathew Bose lived in India as a boy and at the age of six, he returned to England to stay with his aunt. He has also lived in Milan, Paris, New York City, and Los Angeles. He now lives in London. For a number of years he ran the Queens Head pub in Burley, Wharfedale. Bose is a qualified life coach and nutritionist. He is also related to the journalist Mihir Bose.

In the early days of his career, Bose was a model. He worked all around Europe and in Tokyo and New York City. When he was working in Los Angeles he began to study psychology but it was when his lecturer suggested he join performance classes to bolster his confidence his interest in acting began.

Bose won his first role at 23, and has since appeared in many shows including the TV sitcom, My Family, Cutting It, Silent Witness, D-Day and Coupling. Bose also conducted interviews for, hosted and narrated the 2001 documentary, American Mullet (and the internet shorts The Mullet Chronicles). He has also worked in Italy, most prominently playing Enzo Ferrari's son Alfredo (Dino) Ferrari in the bio-pic of the Ferrari family.

He won the role of Paul Lambert in early 2004 and his first Emmerdale debut was in September 2004. In mid 2007, Bose and former castmate Hayley Tamaddon aka Del Dingle were crowned winners of the ITV show, Soapstar Superchef. Co-star Matthew Wolfenden stated in an interview that Bose is the highest scorer on the Wii that is in the games room on the set of Emmerdale.

Bose is Celebrity Ambassador for the UK and Ireland charity The Encephalitis Society; and is a patron of The Scratching Post, a cat rescue charity based in Hertfordshire.

On X: @mathewbose

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Cat Salter-Smith

Worcestershire, UK

Years Curated: 2017 & 2021

Cat Salter-Smith was born in Dorset, UK in 1964 and grew up in Europe in Brussels, Belgium for 10 years and attended Wits University in South Africa in the early ’80s where she studied for a BA in Fine Art, English and Art History. She is married with two daughters.

Cat retrained in Horticulture and Garden Design 14 years ago, and runs her own garden design practice in Worcestershire as well as lecturing in design for the RHS.

Her style of painting is contemporary realism and all her still life paintings are imbued with bright light, reflections, and deep shadows. She also enjoys coastal scenes and has just recently begun doing portraiture.

In 2017, Cat entered a portrait into The BP Portrait Award held at the National Portrait Gallery in London and was ‘long-listed’ from 2500 entries to the second stage of over 400. Unfortunately, the painting did not make the cut to the final short-list of 53.


She has taken part in all of the Twitter Art Exhibits since it's inception.

On X: @CatSalterArtist

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Debanjana Bhattacharjee

Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

Year Curated: 2020


Originally from Mumbai, India, Debanjana Bhattacharjee moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2015 from Texas. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Mumbai and has a post-graduate diploma in Modern and Contemporary Indian Art History from Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai, Debanjana’s artistic practices are a blend of her Indian and western aesthetic sensibilities.

In 2015 Debanjana was recognized with a proclamation from the Mayor of Edinburg, Texas for her artistic (painting & sculpting) achievements.

A self-taught artist, Debanjana enjoys working with acrylics; the quick drying medium helps her with the intuitive expressionist style of work. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally. She has participated in many a juried shows and has won awards. 

She believes the desire to create and express is part of her everyday art making practice. Currently Debanjana is exploring South Carolina through En plein air and wants to bring forth a dialogue between nature and self.

Debanjana is a member of Waccamaw Arts & Crafts Guild of Myrtle Beach and is   Board of Director of Seacoast Artists Guild of Myrtle Beach. She is represented by Seacoast Artists Gallery and William H.Miller Fine Art Studios in Myrtle Beach.

On X: @debanjana05

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Sam Banister

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Year Curated: 2019

“Poetic abstraction rendered with innovative and masterful technique” Is how Hal Walter, collector, Australia, describes Sam’s work.

Sam Banister was born in East Africa, moving to the UK as a toddler. Her first degree is in Russian where she studied and got stuck after losing her visa back in the early 1980s when the Soviet Union as it was then known was still under communist rule. She is married with one daughter.

Sam is a mixed-media artist living and working from her studio on the banks of Loch Maree. Although stunningly beautiful, she has a love-hate relationship with the Highlands; she finds its bleakness and isolation both compelling and forceful and spends way too many hours driving up and down the A9 escaping.

Her work is predominantly abstract with a passion for the minutiae rather than the whole, finding a landscape within the landscape. Her objective is to find a way of mark-making to build a language and encourage a dialogue between the viewer, her work and nature. Latterly she has been experimenting with beeswax and encaustic enabling her to push the boundaries to manipulate and sculpt the paper so that it ripples and dances off the wall, interacting with light and shadow.

Sam has a passion for travel and has recently returned from a life-changing trip to Antartica and is seriously thinking of decamping after tae19. She has taken part in the Twitter Art Exhibit since 2014.

Sam is represented by Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh.

On X: @sambubbly

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Kyle Fogarty

Canberra, Australia

Year Curated: 2018


Australian born Visual Artist, Kylie Fogarty lives in Canberra with her husband and family.

A lifelong artist, Kylie’s education began as soon as she could hold a pencil and make a mark on a piece of paper. Continuing to observe and create, refining her skills as each opportunity arises, she has had the pleasure to attend workshops with esteemed artists Sue Taylor – Archibald Finalist, Dobell Drawing Prize and Walkom-Manning Art Prize Winner, Jo Hollier – Printmaker and Artist; Cees Schleidrecht; Geoff Ginn and Glenda Charles, previously from the Charles Ginn Gallery, Brisbane, among others.

This adoration of drawing has provided a solid anchor for her creative process, which has now been extended to include the exploration of her subject of inspiration via printmaking and painting using a diverse range of mediums. Her art features landscapes, cloud formations, coastal scenes, narrative moments of time, portraits, flora, and fauna.

Enjoying collaborations with fellow creatives, Kylie has worked alongside Authors, Poets, and Charities, resulting in published works, such as a Book of Pictured Poetry, and Children’s Picture Books.

A full time practicing artist, Kylie’s works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally through numerous exhibitions. She is represented in Galleries throughout Australia with her works being held in public and private art collections worldwide. Her intaglio etchings, Brushtail Possum (2013) and Foraging Kiwi (2015) are now permanently archived in the National Gallery of Australia, with the Animalia Print Exchange.

Kylie first participated in the Twitter Art Exhibit in 2012.


On X: @kyliefogartyart

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Isha Setia-Mader

New York, NY

Year Curated: 2016


Isha Setia was born in India, moved around the US and now lives and works in New York.  She started young at the age of 4 in sketching, discovered charcoal, moved to acrylic and now works primarily in oil using warm and vivid colors. Moving to New York inspired her to capture moments using a fixed lens of an iPhone and then gradually moving to Sony A7.

Photography inspired her to combine some of her works with other imagined ideas onto the larger canvas using oils.  Her style of painting is contemporary.

She is currently working as a painter and landscape photographer from home location in New York. Some of her favorite artists are Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo and resonates with Van Gogh’s quote: “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

She has taken part in all of the TAE’s since 2012.  She was on the TAE board from 2016-2019.


On X: @IshismsWorld

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David Sandum

Moss, Norway

Years Curated: 2010, 2012 & 2015


David Sandum was born in 1971 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Today he resides in Moss, Norway, many thanks to his Norwegian wife Kjersti.

Early on, David displayed a talent for drawing and in 9th grade, one of his pieces was selected for an exhibit at the Gothenburg Art Museum for “evolving young students”.

Although David is self-taught, he took courses in art history and introductory art as an undergraduate student at the University of Utah (1995-1999). Learning art theory was a boost, David says: “For the first time my eyes were opened to all forms of art, not just the realistic motifs people tend to fancy; I became particularly enthused by color and expressionism”.

After graduating with a BA in Organizational Communication and History, David and his family moved to Norway after nearly six years in the United States. Soon, he was employed in the IT-industry but years of accumulated stress took a toll and led him to re-examine his life. It was during this difficult time that David took up oil painting: “Painting and drawing helped me generate a sense of purpose in a meaningless world.”

Just like any artist, David draws inspiration from everything around him, and he doesn’t hesitate to share his sources of motivation: “Monet’s skies, Vincent’s yellow, Matisse’s red, and Munch’s expressiveness.” 

David has been a full-time artist since 2000 and has exhibited yearly since then. In 2010 he organized the first #Twitterartexhibit.


On X: @DavidSandum

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Nat George

Los Angeles, CA USA

Year Curated: 2013


Nat George is a curator, cultural producer, and visual artist in Los Angeles.

With a background in gallery management, curation, art consulting and design, Nat’s work centers around alternative, collaborative, and artist-led initiatives that reflect changing paradigms in how we exhibit, write about, and critique art.

In 2013, along with Co-Curator Virginia Arce, Nat partnered with David Sandum to host Twitter Art Exhibit: Los Angeles, thus establishing the framework for the exhibition to travel around the world. Nat served as a Board Member of the organization through 2016, then transitioned to her current role as Advisor to the Board.

At home, Nat is the Director of Development for the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk where she oversees special projects and creates strategic partnerships between business interests, cultural institutions, and the arts community. She is a founding Member of IAA USA, the U.S.-based chapter of the International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP), a partner of UNESCO.

Nat has been known to occasionally write about art, jury exhibitions, and speak on the topics of Collaborative Practices, and the Business of Art.

On X: @natgeorgela

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Cat Salter-Smith
Debanjana Bhattacharjee
Sam Banister
Kylie Fogarty
Isha Setia-Mader
David Sandum
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