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Website Designer, Technical Support & Social Media Marketing Manager

On X, @CGrayWeihman


Carole Gray-Weihman (California, USA) – TAE Digital/Print Development, Content Creation, Technical Support, Events Registration, Social Media Relations, and Administration for Artists and Sponsors.


Carole is a native Californian who lives in Penngrove, California. She’s been a professional painter for over thirty years. She regularly travels around the country and abroad to paint en plein air and compete in plein air painting competitions. She’s represented by several galleries and maintains a private atelier in Petaluma, California.


Carole is also the founder and painting instructor at Plein Air Liaison in Petaluma, California. Plein Air Liaison operates plein air painting workshops and classes locally and abroad.


Carole has also spent several years as an editor and contributing writer for Plein Air Magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine.


In addition, Carole has spent time passionately assisting other artists with web development, video publishing, and facilitating online art instruction.

Kelly Kitson

TAE23 Curator & Interim Secretary of the Board

Year Curating: 2023

On X, @ArtbyKellyK


Kelly Kitson (Vancouver, BC. Canada) - TAE Curator, Interim TAE Secretary of the Board of Directors and soon to be appointed as Charity Coordinator, specializing in PR, Sponsorships, and Media.


Kelly Kitson was born in Chester, UK, and grew up in North Wales. Kelly moved to Canada with her husband and three daughters in 2007 and this year became a Canadian Citizen. 

Kelly currently works for Marshall Aerospace Canada as their learning & development lead; she is passionate about her role. As a lifelong learner,  Kelly is currently attending the University of the Fraser Valley, working towards obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Kelly has specialized in Resin and Digital art, but she also explores other mediums. Drawing her inspiration from various sources, including space, the landscape, and especially from moments she shares with others, from everyday interactions to her grief support work. Kelly recognizes the difficult journey involved in healing from trauma and often celebrates the strength of others within her pieces. Kelly is a compassionate, empathetic artist who shares a part of her heart in every piece of art she creates.  
Kelly has taken part in TAE as an artist contributor for a few years and is excited to bring the TAE to Canada for the very first time.


On Instagram, @ArtbyKellyKitson


Graphic Design Assistant - Creative Support

On X, @sarahpooley30


Sarah Pooley (Cambridge, UK) – TAE Digital/Print Development and Content Creative Support.

Sarah Pooley is a UK Based artist living near Cambridge. She's studied art for many years with art organizations such as The Open College of the Arts and, lastly, Cambridge school of art at Anglia Ruskin University. Sarah also has spent many years working in promotion, window display and merchandising. 

Sarah works from her home studio, creating landscape and abstracted interior paintings. She has exhibited her work within group collectives in and around London and Cambridge. Sarah's work focuses on paintings, which can be seen as a study through the exploration of experience and memory.

Sarah is passionate about the Twitter Art Exhibit organization and has contributed since 2016. She really enjoys the Twitter community spirit of the exhibition, where all are invited to contribute. She finds the build-up of each year's exhibit exciting, seeing all the different artworks come together.

Alanna Falys

Volunteer Recruitment & Training Coordinator

Alanna Falys (Vancouver, BC, Canada) – TAE23 Volunteer Recruitment and Training Coordinator

Alanna Falys is co-owner of PRIMEtuitive Education, British Columbia’s premier, boutique full-service Education Management firm.


Alanna is passionate about education and coaching, in helping people and businesses succeed. PRIMEtuitive specializes in organizational change, people development including project management and Indigenous education.


An extraordinary coach, mentor and advisor, Alanna guides and supports her learners through throughout the learning journey. Setting each learner up for continued success.

Susan L Greig

Event Planning & Artist Outreach

On Instagram, @100braidst


Susan L, Greig (Vancouver, BC, Canada) – TAE23 Event Planner and Artist Outreach

Susan L.Greig is an award winning Metis artist and owner of Braid St studios.


Susan has exhibited her work in over 18 Group shows and 8 solo exhibitions. A renowned, respected (extremely talented) artist, Adjudicator, Curator and Mentor to many, Susan continually lifts those around her, providing a safe, love filled creative community wherever she goes.


Susan loves to paint life along the Fraser River in British Columbia, as well as landscapes that capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest Coast.


Blog Manager & TAE Blogger

On X, @CMurphyPrints


Carolyn Murphy (Manchester, UK) – TAE Official Blogger

Carolyn Murphy is a UK-based artist and printmaker, who specializes in linocut printmaking. A member of Hot Bed Press in Salford and Prospect Printmakers in Rossendale, her work has been exhibited across the North West of England and further afield. From her home studio, she creates mainly landscapes and nature-inspired designs, and detailed studies.

Carolyn has donated artwork to Twitter Art Exhibit for the last five years and her work was selected as a Board’s Choice in 2019. She loves the great sense of community and the global support for TAE and its aim to make a difference through art. Carolyn is proud to become a TAE volunteer and a new official blogger in 2021.


Past Blog Contributor

On X, @amzingg


Grace Rebullida (California, USA) – TAE Official Blogger

Grace Rebullida has been drawing, painting and photographing since a very young age. She studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines and came to Oakland, California, to study at California College of Arts and Crafts (now CCA). Later on, tantalized by what you can do with computers, she attended San Francisco State Multimedia Studies program, where she learned to use digital artist tools. She now paints with oil and acrylics on canvas or wood. She also draws whimsical topics on paper with oil or acrylic pens in between the more complicated pieces.
She continues to photograph with a DSLR and an iPhone and creates digital artwork — this is the primary focus today and moving forward. She has recently joined a movement called Techspressionism; an artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience. A core group of artists have begun working together to develop momentum for this broader terminology instead of "digital art."


Past Blog Contributor

On X, @artychat


Rebecca Thomson (UK) – TAE Official Blogger

Rebecca Thomson was born and brought up in Scotland and studied Art History at St Andrews University. Married with three children, she has a long-standing career in sales, marketing, and new business development.

She is passionate about supporting art and artists and founded the twitter platform @artychat.  Organized, regular tweet chats are held on @artychat, where like-minded people can learn and share knowledge and experience whilst simultaneously creating an artist's network.


Coming across Twitter Art Exhibit early on in her twitter life, she hugely admires what they do for charities, art, and artists. In writing the TAE Blog, Rebecca hopes that her small contribution will help keep people talking and supporting this fantastic exhibition.


Past Blog Contributor


On X, @brantus


Adam Brant (Bedfordshire, UK) – TAE Official Blogger

Adam Brant is a UK-based visual artist specializing in painting and drawing. He graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus in 2002 (and says that studying by the seaside was as fun as it sounds!). Adam has continued to create and exhibit work since he graduated, fitting time in the art studio around office-based jobs. He currently lives and works in Bedfordshire, UK.

During his studies, Adam was lucky enough to spend a month at the Cyprus College of Art as part of a student exchange programme. He credits the inspiration he found from observing ways the modern world impacted the ancient history of the island as helping him to establish his identity as an artist.

Adam’s work is influenced by the tradition of still life painting, but he uses both objects and environments as sources of inspiration. His work explores the tension that exists in the relationship between the past, present, and future, and how our memories affect our response to this. Adam creates his work by building layers of marks, images, and color, often combining painted and drawn marks within each layer. This results in semi-abstract artworks which are often bold in color, combining expressive marks with fine detail. Through his work, Adam hopes to encourage the importance of reflection in our fast-paced society.

Adam has taken part in all of the TAE’s and is excited to have an opportunity to extend his support by helping to share news about the exhibition to inspire others.

Adam Brant
Rebecc Thomson
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