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Postcard Art Exhibit utilizes social media and public engagement to support charities and non-profits worldwide. 80% of our art sale goes directly to a different beneficiary each year.

Postcard Art Exhibit

Through art, we can change the world."



Using social media/public engagement to bring awareness and support to our partnered charities and non-profits, we have supported thirteen beneficiaries and have raised over $168,000 in donations since 2010. We've sponsored charities in six different countries each for a unique cause.

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Help our board members to continue their stewardship. Make a one-time donation or commit to once monthly. You select how much.


Are you a curator, or an artist interested in curating and/or supporting artist-led curatorial initiatives where you live? Host an exhibit.


Learn how you can be a sponsor for one of our yearly exhibitions.


Postcard Art Exhibit is a volunteer-run organization giving up considerable time to make each event run smoothly. Head here to learn about volunteer and internship opportunities.

The charities we partner with and the P.A.E. organization rely on sponsorships and donations for sustainability. If you would like to donate to Postcard Art Exhibit, please use the link below. Note that this donation is not tax-deductible and will not be transferred to the charity but will help cover the expenses incurred by the P.A.E. board and volunteers in planning and running the exhibitions. 

Some of our recurring maintenance costs:

• Independent Contractor fees

• Website domain, hosting, and maintenance
• Administrative expenses such as Google Workspace, design software and web applications
• Travel fees

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We appreciate your generosity!


Would you like to host a Postcard Art Exhibit?

We aim to have the exhibition travel to a new country each year. We are, however, flexible; those who can successfully host a Postcard Art Exhibit are few and far between, and we will evaluate the rotation of locations based on the proposals we receive. Remember, our #1 goal is the relationship we build with the right curator and the deserving beneficiary to create art for a cause and make a difference in the community. For this reason, it's best to hold our exhibits in cities with a demonstrated art scene and influential art-going audiences.

It takes a very organized individual to be one of our curators, and it's a big commitment. It's also enriching; you meet many new people – other artists, collectors, fans, gallerists, non-profits – and it comes with a level of recognition and respect from the community. It's also a very positive entry on a resume, especially if you are a curator or an artist interested in curating and supporting artist-led curatorial initiatives.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibition sponsors, corporations and individuals are invited to sponsor one of our yearly exhibitions.

A Program Sponsorship can include:

Recognition on printed materials, including exhibition signage, on our website, and in emailed invitations and announcements via our mailing lists, plus public acknowledgment at the opening ceremony.

An opportunity for all, locally or abroad ...

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$3,800 USD

Title Sponsor

Sponsorship includes:


  • Title sponsor in our radio promotion

  • Preferred logo placement on all event communications

  • Special presentation/recognition at event

  • Plus all the benefits below

$1,900 USD


Sponsorship includes:


  • Logo on event signage

  • Tailored presentation for your company given during event opening

  • Plus all benefits below.

$350 USD


Sponsorship includes:


  • Listed on the event poster

  • Logo and link on our website

  • Plus all the benefits below.​

$175 USD


Sponsorship includes:


  • Listed in event signage

  • Logo on our website

  • Thank you on our social media

  • Plus all the benefits below.

$50 USD


Sponsorship includes:

  • Listed on our website

  • Highlighted in event communications​

  • Listed in all press materials.

sponsorship opportunities
Sponsorship Opportunities
Choose a Tier ($USD)

Please watch for our email. We'll get in touch with you and supply a custom contract with instructions on how to supply your business or personal information for our advertising.

If you wish for someone on our team to contact you prior to making a commitment, please select, "Contact me".

Feel free to contact us via our contact page if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your support!

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