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Meet the TAE artists – Shelby Pizzarro

by Adam Brant | Apr 8, 2018

Twitter Art Exhibit (TAE) artist Shelby Pizzarro shares her journey to becoming an artist, the processes she uses to create her collage art work, and the story behind her TAE18 postcard.

After reading our interview with Shelby why not visit the Pegasus Riding for the Disabled ACT online charity shop for an opportunity to buy her postcard (or one of the other fantastic postcards still for sale!).

Shelby Pizzarro is a collage artist living and working not far from Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania (USA). After being inspired by the Twitter Art Exhibit (TAE) slogan “through art we can change the world”, and David Sandum’s vision, Shelby began her TAE journey by contributing “The Seed of Life” to TAE16 in New York. The exhibition that year raised funds for Foster Pride (a charity helping children in foster care).

"Die Goldene Medina – From Italy", by Shelby Pizzarro - Twitter Art Exhibit
"Die Goldene Medina – From Italy", by Shelby Pizzarro

Shelby grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and feels fortunate to have had so many brilliant libraries, galleries, and museums close enough to visit on a regular basis. She is inspired by personal histories that have been shared with her over the years, and her art work is all about the stories that shape our lives and the experiences we share.

Shelby absolutely encourages all artists to participate in TAE – “Helping meaningful charities, seeing inspiring art, and expanding your circle of artistic friends…how could anyone say ‘no’ to this project?”

What has been your journey to becoming an artist?

I was very lucky to have parents who recognized and nurtured my interest in the performing and visual arts. I studied at the York Academy of Arts, York, Pennsylvania where I majored in Graphic Arts and Fine Arts. I also received further education at the Harrogate School of Art, Harrogate College, in North Yorkshire, England.

Since graduating from York Academy of Arts I’ve been working full-time as an artist. My career started as a commercial screen printer. I switched vocations and joined the field of newspaper advertising as an ad artist. The current focus of my art has shifted to self-directed work, although I’m still occasionally designing ads for clients. My work also crosses between the commercial and fine art fields as I’m a member of a design team for an art stencil manufacturer.

Can you tell us a bit more about the processes behind your collage artwork?

Pulp Shelby Pizzarro Collage on Illustration Board 15.25cm x 20cm - Twitter Art Exhibit
"Pulp", 2014 - by Shelby Pizzarro - 15.25cm x 20cm

My art incorporates a mixture of image types and media. I enjoy breathing life back into to discarded objects. I especially adore creating with mid-century advertising ephemera. Working commercially throughout my career has also had an impact on my art.

I enjoy the act of constructing designs conventionally, but also like working on my computer. It’s a nice combination and allows me to freely create using the best of both formats. The switch to using digital files rather than layout and paste up work has also opened-up so many possibilities for me.

Above all, I’m a great believer in Synchronicity and love the idea that it can lead to the most profound “aha” moments we can experience in both life and art. My desire is to share what inspires me through my art, entertain those who choose to view the work or read my blog, and perhaps spark the sense of wonder and creativity that dwells in us all.


What postcard have you submitted for TAE18?

Life is a Minestrone TAE18 postcard Shelby Pizzarro Collage on paper 16cm x 12cm - Twitter Art Exhibit
"Life is a Minestrone", 2018 - by, Shelby Pizzarro

My postcard for TAE18 is called “Life is a Minestrone” and was inspired by a 1950’s magazine advertisement for Campbell soup, and a recipe printed in a local magazine.

I believe our lives always revolve around choosing a little bit of this, maybe a tad of that. We make the best of life by mixing what we have on hand – just like making delicious minestrone!

My favourite part of participating with TAE is the notion that the sale of my postcard is helping to make a difference. The range of charities involved over the history of the TAE is impressive. It is inspiring to be involved with so many like-minded people from around the world all working towards the same goal.

I’m thrilled my past TAE postcard contributions have sold, and I hope my TAE18 contribution does as well as my previous entries!

Where can people discover more about you and your artwork?

I’m currently exhibiting my work with local art associations and through solo shows. 2018 brings exhibits at the State Capitol Building, the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts and public television channel WITF TV, all in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My blog and art was featured in Stampington & Company’s magazine “Artful Blogging” as well as “UPPERCASE” magazine.

People can also see more of my work by visiting my blog or social media accounts:

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