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Texas 24 Catalog of Postcard Art from Postcard Art Exhibit 2024 to Benefit Millhouse Foundation

TEXAS 24 Catalog (Pre-Order)

Sales Tax Included

Secure Your Copy of the TEXAS 24 Postcard Art Exhibit Catalog Today! Take a moment to peruse the details below.


You'll notice once again, a slight shift in our approach, but fear not! While we won't be featuring personalized inside cover images, rest assured that each order will come with a heartfelt, personalized letter from the esteemed founder of the Postcard Art Exhibit, David Sandum.


You may recall, we changed things up just a bit from previous years. We WON'T be able to include a personalized inside cover image again this year, but Postcard Art Exhibit founder, David Sandum, will include a personalized letter with each order.


We've partnered with a top-notch printer boasting facilities in the UK, USA, and Canada. What does this mean for you? Well, it translates to convenience! Your catalog will be shipped from the facility closest to your location, minimizing shipping costs typically associated with overseas deliveries.


Though we've tweaked the format slightly since 2022, the essence remains unchanged. Expect the same captivating print job as our Vancouver TAE23 catalog. These catalogs are more than just a compilation of art; they're coveted collector's items destined to elevate any collection. Seize the opportunity to own yours. Pre-order now and ensure you don't miss out!


    Note: For residents of Canada, shipping fees are accurately applied. If ordering from our US facility and you're not a resident of the US, we may be contacting you with an adjustment to your shipping fee. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at

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