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Twitter Art Exhibit 2023 Catalog of original postcard art from the exhibition in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver 23 Catalog

Sales Tax Included

Orde the TAE23 Vancouver Catalogue! Please read the details below.


We are changing things up just a bit from previous years. We WON'T be able to include a personalized inside cover image this year, but TAE founder, David Sandum, will include a personalized letter with each order.


Different this year, we're using a new printer with facilities in the UK, USA, and Canada. So we'll be able to ship to you from the facility closest to your location, saving you as much as possible on shipping-added expenses from overseas. We've changed the format slightly. However, the size of the artwork in print will be almost identical to our previous catalogs.


    Note: For residents of Canada, shipping fees are accurately applied. If ordering from our US facility and you're not a resident of the US, we may be contacting you with an adjustment to your shipping fee. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at

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