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Russ Potak, Watercolor & Pen and Ink - "Country Road Meadows" - Cheshire, MA, USA - Postcard Art Exhibit 2024, Millhouse Foun

Russ Potak, "Country Road Meadows" - Postcard Art

SKU: 5N51P-337
Sales Tax Included

Original postcard art to support Millhouse Foundation. Price is listed in United States Dollars, (USD).


    Because the nature of this sale is for a non-profit, we will not accept refunds or returns on art cards. On the rare occasion that a card is lost in transit, we regretfully inform you that we cannot provide a replacement card from the artist. However, do inform us if a card does not arrive, and we will try to rectify the situation. We want to keep our customers and artists as happy as possible.

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