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The life on an artist – Al Gord

by Rebecca Thomson | Jul 09, 2019

We are delighted that this month’s blog is with Al Gord. A self taught artist who uses acrylics as his chosen medium, he found his way back to painting after a lengthy hiatus from art. He has always loved rock music from classic sounds of the late 1960s to the current sounds of today. Combining his passion for painting with his affinity for rock music, has been his inspiration in creating his works of art.

As a self-taught artist, how did you learn the different techniques you use in your art?

Al Gord in his studio - Twitter Art Exhibit

To be honest, it really comes down to experimentation. Over the years I have painted different subject matter, I have used various media and I have played around with assorted techniques. For me at least, the process of experimentation led to a sense of self-discovery. Over the last couple of years I have really refined the techniques I now use in my art – the abstract styles that are seen in my background and the line work and shading that I use in the portraits.

How did joining your passion for art with your love of Rock Music come about?

I have always loved rock music. As I alluded to previously, the artistic journey for me has been about self-discovery and finding my voice and niche as an artist. I enjoy painting people, I like the challenge of capturing the emotion, the moment and the story behind their image. As I was in the formative stages of my painting career I had a flashback to when I was a child and saw the great Denny Dent speed paint Jimi Hendrix. That for me was the turning point – since that memory, I have been painting, mostly, rock stars for the last three and half years.

Artwork by Al Gord, Twitter Art Exhibit

How did you choose which musician to paint for TAE19 and what motivated you to give to TAE19?

I don’t think a lot about what it means to be an Artist or much about how I fit it into my life. I take care of my Mom three days a week and paint every chance I get. I’ve been an Artist since I can remember so I have no real perspective the way someone else might have. I never thought it was a big deal much.

Artwork by Al Gord, Twitter Art Exhibit

What do you wish you had known 40 years ago when you started painting?

In keeping with my subject matter I wanted to paint a rock star for TAE19. The last three years I have painted rock stars who were citizens of the country in which the exhibit was being held. In 2017 I painted the legendary David Bowie for the UK show, last year I painted Bon Scott, former lead singer of AC DC, for the exhibit in Australia and this year I painted Shirley Manson of Garbage to commemorate the event in Scotland. This year was actually my fourth show but I feel that part of my role as an artist is to raise awareness, educate others and help give back where I can. As such I look forward to participating in the TAE annual shows.

Artwork by Al Gord - Twitter Art Exhibit

Trevor Jones added VR to your postcard, how did that feel and will you explore using it again in your work?

I was incredibly honored to be approached about having Trevor use VR to alter and showcase my work. Trevor is a talented artist whose work is very relevant to society and his use of VR is cutting edge. Based on my subject matter I can see me accessing VR down the road to feature my work or to highlight what I do in a different light.


What would you like best to be remembered for as an artist?

This for me is the toughest question. To be honest I feel as if that can change depending on where I am as an artist. But, if I can inspire others, if I can further a sense of appreciation for the arts and I can get the viewers to not only see my subject matter, but did deeper into my work, then I believe I will have accomplished a lot as a painter.

To learn more about Al and to see his amazing work visit: or on twitter: @AlGord_Art

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