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The Journey of “The Secret Artist”

by Adam Brant | Dec 2, 2018

As TAE19 postcards start their journey, Art Vaughan reveals where the TAE18 postcard by UK based artist Simon Kirk ended its journey

The TAE19 call for artists opened on 02 November 2018 and there has been a fantastic response of over 700 registrations (nearly 500 of those were in less than one week)!. We love following the journey of postcards from the paintbrushes, pencils and pens of artists to new homes via the exhibition.

As a new batch of donated postcards for TAE19 begin making their journey in aid of the fantastic charity Art in Healthcare, we thought we’d share with you what happened to just one of the many postcards purchased from TAE18. The sales of postcards from TAE18 raised over $18,000 AUD for Pegasus ACT!

The TAE18 postcard by UK based artist Simon Kirk (@simonkirkartist) captured the imagination of Art Vaughan in the online exhibition sale shop. Simon has contributed a postcard to the TAE for the past few years and said:

“I love looking through the entries as they come in online, and I’m delighted to be part of a global community of artists using their work to help make a difference to people’s lives. It really highlights the benefits of social media, and it’s refreshing to connect to people across Europe and the world with no agenda other than positivity.”

In this post Art Vaughan answers four questions about the post-exhibition journey of Simon’s TAE18 postcard – we hope it helps to inspire you to register and create a wonderful artwork for TAE19. It’s exciting to think about the postcards raising valuable funds for worthwhile causes whilst finding new homes across the world!

Have you been involved in the TAE before?

Yes – I’ve donated one of my own postcard art works to all previous TAEs, but TAE18 was the first time I purchased an art work from any of the exhibitions.

Which postcard did you purchase from TAE18?

After browsing the online shop, I decided to buy “The Secret Artist” by Simon Kirk:

"The Secret Artist", by Simon Kirk - Twitter Art Exhibit
"The Secret Artist", by Simon Kirk


What was it about “The Secret Artist” that appealed to you?

It’s difficult to put something like that into words because the appeal is at an emotional and subconscious level. I like its understatement, the air of mystery, the hint that through painting something has been transformed, and its openness as a field for the imagination.

Where are you planning to display “The Secret Artist”?

I’ve recently moved from Australia to New Zealand. The postcard has travelled with me and ended up in Wellington New Zealand. It is framed and displayed where I’m able to contemplate it at leisure.

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