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Thanks from the TAE21 Curator

A big thank you to everyone who has sent in a donation to the TAE21 art fundraiser. We now have over 900 cards which will be on sale on 3 July 2021 at the Cheltenham Racecourse to raise money for LINC!

Update: the total number of cards that will be on sale on Saturday 3rd July at the Cheltenham Racecourse is 959! If we can sell all these cards, it will be an amazing result for the LINC charity and they will be able to help so many people undergoing treatment for Leukaemia!

Please spread the word and let people know that, if they cannot attend the actual sale, they will still be able to buy the remaining cards on the Tuesday after online at the TAE website shop.

LINC - TAE21 Fundraiser - Art for a Cause - Cheltenham Racecourse

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BRILLIANT! Great news!!!

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