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Meet the TAE Artists – Janine Baldwin

by Adam Brant | Jan 14, 2018

Janine hopes her entry for the 2018 Twitter Art Exhibit will inspire you to appreciate the natural environment (as well as part with your cash to support Pegasus Riding for the Disabled).

In this post Adam Brant chats to Janine Baldwin, an artist he met whilst studying Fine Art at university, to ask about her work and involvement with the TAE. Read his interview with Janine to find out what inspires her art work, how the buyer of one of her TAE postcards felt, and where you can discover more about her work.

Janine was born in the UK and lives and works in Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast. Janine has already donated art work to three of the previous TAE exhibitions.

Janine Baldwin on location and in her studio.

When did you start making art work?

I’ve always loved painting and drawing since early childhood, and I went on to study art at college and university. After graduation I began to develop my own visual language, inspired by Abstract Expressionism and landscape art.

What inspires you to make art work?

The natural world is at the heart of my creativity and I love to share that passion through my artwork. I feel very lucky to have so many beautiful landscapes and seascapes on my doorstep to inspire me.

Since 2006 I’ve volunteered for the North York Moors National Park participating in conservation tasks and this feeds into my work. I’m inspired by many artists, particularly those who explore gestural mark-making and brushwork – my favourites include Willem de Kooning, Joan Eardley and CY Twombly.

"Silence", by Janine Baldwin - Twitter Art Exhibit
"Silence", by Janine Baldwin: Pastel, charcoal and graphite on paper 34cm x 34cm 2017

What can people expect from your art work?

My art works tend to be semi-abstract and are essentially a celebration of land and sea. I currently work almost exclusively in dry media – pastel, charcoal and graphite – and I also create collages.

Within my work I wish to capture something of the experience of being in the landscape – the energy of the wind howling around you, or the mood of a certain type of light. I hope the viewer will be inspired to appreciate the natural environment around them and help to safeguard its future.

Do you work as a full-time artist?

Yes, I work full-time as an artist. This incorporates various activities such as sketching directly from the landscape, creating work in the studio, participating in exhibitions, supporting art students and occasionally giving demos on my working methods.

How did you first hear about the Twitter Art Exhibit (TAE)?

Unsurprisingly I first heard about TAE through Twitter! In 2012 I sent my first postcard to Moss in Norway, and since then I’ve also participated in 2016 New York (USA) exhibition, and in the 2017 Stratford-upon-Avon (UK) exhibition.

Why did you decide to submit an art work to the TAE?

I liked the idea of giving to charity through artwork, and it was fantastic to exhibit in Norway that year. Large group shows such as this always create new connections with other artists too so it’s valuable to be part of that. Through all the social media coverage, and of course the shows themselves, the artists are able to reach many new audiences across the world.

Janine’s TAE postcard for the 2016 exhibition - Twitter art Exhibit
Janine’s TAE postcard for the 2016 exhibition in New York (USA) #TAE16 postcard Janine Baldwin Monoprint and graphite on card 16cm x 12cm 2016

What has been your favourite thing about being involved with TAE?

I’ve really enjoyed contributing to a worthy cause each time, and in the future I’d love to see the TAE focus on animal and environmental charities more. It was also lovely to be contacted by the buyer of my card one year too, they were excited to be the new owner of the work!


Janine’s TAE postcard for the 2017 exhibition - Twitter Art Exhibit
Janine’s TAE postcard for the 2017 exhibition in Stratford-upon-Avon (UK) #TAE17 postcard Janine Baldwin Monoprint charcoal, graphite and pastel on card 16cm x 12cm 2017

Are you planning to submit a postcard for TAE18?

Yes, definitely! My work will most likely be a collage made with acrylic, pastel, charcoal and graphite.

Would you encourage others to take part in the TAE?

Absolutely. It’s a great thing to be involved with for so many reasons. As it’s only a small artwork it doesn’t take long to create and post either!

Where can people discover more about you and your art work?

People can visit my website for details of my current exhibitions and other news about my work I also promote upcoming events on my Twitter account @janine_baldwin.

Recently my work was included in the 2017 edition of The Encyclopedia of Pastel Techniques by Judy Martin. During 2018 I’ll be: • Exhibiting with the Pastel Society at the Mall Galleries in London (February 2018) • Showing my work in the exhibition ‘A Contour, A Curve – The Lie of the Land’ at Gallery57 in Arundel, West Sussex (May – August 2018).

To keep up to date with forthcoming shows please join my mailing list via the contact form on my website.

Our ‘meet the Twitter Art Exhibit (TAE) artists’ series of blog posts is an opportunity for you to discover more about the artists behind the TAE. All artists taking part in the TAE donate their own original postcard sized art works for sale each year. Their support, enthusiasm, talent and fantastic art enables the TAE to continue raising valuable funds for good causes.

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